Welcome to my website. I am a registered homoeopath and qualified nurse working from my home practice, Elm Cottage Clinic. I have been involved with homoeopathy since the mid 80's.

Elm Cottage Clnic is set in rural Hampshire, bordering on Berkshire, in the village of Woolton Hill. My practice is spacious and child friendly. My main specialised areas are: -

Mums and babies
Pre and post natal care
Children of all ages
Hormone related problems
Depression and emotional issues
Skin problems.
Acute illness

Here is one patients experience;

Noah - My son had ezcema which flared up when he was 8 months old. It was mainly around his neck and on his face, very obvious and not at all attractive! After one day of Karen's prescribed remedy, I could see an improvement. After two or three more days it was completely gone. I don't want to put hydrocortisone creams on myself let alone my young baby, I don't think they help the skin or the consitution of the sufferer. I prefer to let the body rebalance itself with the help of homoeopathy.

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