Being 100% natural and very gentle means homoeopathic medicine is ideal for treating pregnant women, and offers an effective treatment for sickness, emotional problems, sleep difficulties, back pain, malposition of baby and many other difficulties experienced during pregnancy. It is also invaluable during labour and after the birth for mother and baby.

A typical visit will take between one and one and a half hours for the first treatment.
I will assess the problem, take a very detailed history, and decide upon the course of treatment. The amount of follow-ups needed will depend on the severity of the symptoms.
Follow-ups usually last 30 - 45 minutes.

Often treatments during pregnancy are more frequent during the first trimester and again at the last trimester in preparation for the birth. Birth consultations are available and are focussed around which remedies will be needed leading up to, during, and immediately after labour. An easy to follow guide will be drawn up, enabling the partner to take over during labour.

REMEDY GUIDE - Here are some common conditions and the corresponding remedies if your symptoms are not serious you can try to treat yourself using my remedy guide. If your symptoms are serious then I recommed that you consult a homoeopath. There will sometimes be more than one possible remedy. Choose the remedy description that most closely reflects your symptoms.

Aconite - before childbirth : anticipatory : about health: about birth: generally fearful. Unable to sleep, anxious, vivid dreams.
Ignatia- anxious during pregnancy, suffering after effects of shock, depressed from suppressed grief, broody, feelings of guilt, resentful, sensitive generally and to pain, involuntary weeping, cries on own.

Bryonia - pains in lower back: stitching: Worse for coughing or for the slightest movement.
Calc-carb - aching in lower back, feels sprained, worse for damp and on getting up from sitting. causes lifting.
Kali- carb - lower back pain; dragging sore bruised stitching. Better for pressure. Useful for when baby is a posterior presentation.

Breast pains
Belladonna - breasts engorged hard; hot inflamed with throbbing pains before and after pregnancy
Sepia – sore breasts during pregnancy with general exhaustion, sensitive to cold, run down, poor muscle tone. Generally feel better for physical exercise.

Breech Baby - Pulsatilla

Calc-carb – stools hard and large, clay like, sour smelling. Generally not uncomfortable.
Kali-c - large hard stool with pain before passing stool with unfinished feeling. May develop piles.
Sepia – ineffectual straining, abdomen feels full, unable to pass large stool.

Depression can be experienced during or after pregnancy. Post natal depression or ‘baby blues’ is a common experience a few days after the birth and normally passes, but in some women it can become a serious problem. A homoeopath can offer help and support to see women through this stage.

Mercurius sol – burping and hiccups with empty feeling stomach, worse at night. May have metallic taste in mouth and suffering from mouth ulcers.
Nat-mur – burps ineffectual, sweetish, watery, tastes of food just eaten, mouth tastes bitter, salty, worse for eating starchy foods
Nux-v – with bitter, sour burps worse after eating and tight clothing; better for hot drinks.

Nausea and vomiting
(See ‘A Guide to Treating Nausea and vomiting in Pregnancy using Homoeopathy’)

Aesculus- large piles which may bleed, mainly external with itching and possible constipation - better for warm bathing, worse for standing or walking
Hamamelis- large bleeding painful sore bruised piles. Worse for touch, may be accompanied by sore inflamed varicosed veins which will also be helped by this remedy.

Aconite - anxiety at any time during pregnancy or labour or after. Restlessness.
Arnica- no 1 trauma remedy. Encourages healing after birth Reduces exhaustion, gives a second wind during labour. Reduces excessive bleeding when the birth was traumatic. Good for baby also, if birth was traumatic.
Bellis Perennis - sciatica caused by position of the baby. Similar to Arnica in healing properties, but reaches deep tissues. Useful after caesarean or forceps deliveries.
Calendula- good for healing superficial wounds. Helps prevent infection.
Caulophyllum- can be taken to encourage and establish contractions. Can help during labour re-establish contractions.
Hypericum – good first aid remedy to repair damage to nerve rich area after labour.
Kali-c - back pain when the baby is lying in posterior position.
Phytolacca- great remedy for cracked nipples and blocked milk ducts and mastitis (see also breast pains)
Pulsatilla- this remedy can be used from 36th week on to encourage breech babies to turn. Also great general remedy to help prepare for birth if feeling weepy and unsure.
Staphysagria- good for healing deep cuts and wounds after caesarean or episiotomy.


I have put together some of the more common remedies that are used to treat nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.
You will notice when looking through these remedies that a picture emerges of a type of person with differing symptoms - in this case, nausea and vomiting. If you find that this picture fits your condition then the remedy may help you.

Arsenicum; the arsenicum picture fits someone who is feeling deathly sick.
They are very anxious, worried about their health and the baby’s. They will not want to be left alone, will be restless, unable to settle and very sensitive to the cold, they will be generally better for warmth. They will prefer warm drinks.
Vomiting will come on easily and immediately after food or drinks, even the smallest amount. They will often feel faint and sweaty whilst vomiting.

Asarum europium; the Asarum picture is one of super sensitivity, especially to noise; nausea can be brought on by the slightest thing even the ticking of a clock. They will be very sensitive to all pains during pregnancy and feel emotionally very sluggish. They will feel better for cold drinks, bathing, fresh air, lying down and resting.

Colchicum autumnal; the colchicum picture is one of exhaustion, with an acute sense of smell and loss of appetite. The nausea is worse for the smell of food, especially eggs or fish. Even the thought of food is enough to set off the nausea. The nausea is much worse than the vomiting.
Vomiting causes burning, sore bruised feeling in abdomen, with retching after vomiting. There may be only dry retching and no vomiting.

Ipecacuanha; The Ipecac picture is violent and persistent nausea that is not relieved by vomiting. There is usually copious saliva in the mouth with retching.
The person will look deathly ill with a drawn, pale face and dark-ringed eyes. They often feel chilly externally but hot internally. All symptoms will be worse at night and worse after getting angry or frustrated.

Kreosotum; this remedy has more physical symptoms than emotional ones. Women needing this remedy may have problems with thrush and burning, smelly discharges as well as nausea. There will be copious saliva with the nausea.

Nux-vomica; this remedy suits women who are normally workaholics, they are critical of others and themselves and can be irritable during the pregnancy. They will have cravings for spicy, rich foods and alcohol which will cause them to feel sick. The nausea is accompanied by copious saliva and an inability to vomit. This is normally worse in the morning. They may feel faint and have abdominal pains with the nausea.

Petroleum; petroleum will benefit women whose nausea is worse for fresh air and worse for travelling. They may also feel irritable and quarrelsome and feel unsettled and confused whilst outside. There may be some dizziness with the nausea. This is one of the main travel sickness remedies alongside Tabacum.

Sepia; sepia is used in pregnancy by homoeopaths frequently. With this remedy the women will be worn out and fed up of their family. They may be feeling unwell and catching colds easily.
There may be a craving for vinegar and sour foods. They may also have a general dislike for foods especially bread, milk and meat. They may feel better for going for a vigorous walk or some exercise even if they are feeling worn out.
The nausea will cause an empty sinking feeling in the stomach, only temporarily relieved by eating.
Vomiting will be worse after eating and in the morning and will be bile which may be very smelly.