Here is a short summary of my working experience and the path that led me to become a homoeopath

I started my professional life as a registered nurse qualifying in 1983. I very soon became involved in homoeopathy working at the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital where I worked as a staff nurse and then as ward sister,(’83-’89).

I then moved to Germany to work in a large university hospital in Munich. After only a short while I felt the need to get back to natural medicine and went to Switzerland to gain some experience in a natural ‘Steiner’ clinic(’90).

Returning to Germany, I found a homoeopathic hospital and extended the depth of my understanding of homeopathy by working there as a nurse for a few years (’ 91-’94). Eventually I gave up my position to study homoeopathy in Munich and after 3 years (’94-’97) qualified as a ‘Heilpraktiker homeopathie’.

I returned to England in 2001 having worked in Germany in my own clinic until then, and now have a growing practice in my Woolton Hill Practice ‘Elm Cottage Clinic’. I am bi-lingual and have German-speaking as well as English-speaking patients.