Homoeopathy has been used for over 200 years it is one of the two most widely used forms of medicine in the world today. It is completly safe to use and can be used to treat people of all ages from the unborn to old age. Homoeopathy is holistic and treats mental, emotional and physical illness.

Homoeopathy works on the principles of treating like with like, this means that we take a substance from nature that would in a healthy person produce symptoms and use this to treat an ill person suffering from a similar symptom picture.
For an example of this take a person chopping onions, they will inevitably suffer from copiously watering eyes and nose we can then take the onion as a homoeoapthic remedy ( Allium Cepa) to treat colds and hay fever symptoms where tha main symptoms inclued runny eyes and nose.
Another example may be a sting from a honey bee, the result will normally be a very painful , red, swollen, throbbing, lump. The honey bee sting as a homoeopathic remedy (Apis)can be used to treat any symptoms with a similar hot, red, swollen, look, for example an allergic reaction to a bite or sting. In fact Apis is the no 1 homoeopathic remedy for allergic reactions with the clasic symptoms of swollen eye lids, lips and tongue.

One example of how homoeoapthy can help

Luca - My son was 3 years old and had always been a great sleeper, settling quickly and sleeping 12 hours a night. But when he became aware that he was waking up to wee at night he began to get very anxious. He had never wet the bed and was out of nighttime pull-ups, but he was so nervous of wetting the bed in his sleep that he never properly went to sleep. He would doze lightly for about 20mins or less and then wake up and want to go to the loo 'just in case'. One night I counted that he had me up 16 times, and this went on for over three months! I was exhausted, he was miserable and overtired and I went to see Karen. The result was immediate and quite miraculous! After only one remedy just before his 7pm bedtime he slept through until the morning and from then on he went back to normal. His anxiety was gone and he was able to get some restful sleep again - I just wish I'd gone to see her much earlier!