Homoeopathic remedies can be used to help the body rebalance female hormones. Homoeopathy can successfully treat dysmenorrhia, irregular periods, thrush and menopausal problems.

Here is the experience of a couple of patients;

'I have had long cycles and irregular periods ever since they started when I was 13. Sometimes my cycles were as long as 70 days and at their 'best' they were 42 days. It was inconvenient never knowing when to expect my period and in the past it made trying to get pregnant very difficult.
When I saw Karen, she gave me lots of different homoeopathic remedies and I had to take one or two each day for about a month. I noticed a change almost immediately and that cycle was the shortest I've ever had, a 'normal' 31 days. Since then my cycles have remained around 32 days, to begin with I saw Karen once or twice a year to keep them on track, but recently everything has been fine. I would definitely recommend Karen and homeopathy for helping cycle issues.'

'Iíve had trouble for years with P.M.T the symptoms I suffered were sore breasts, moodiness, and generally feeling unwell.
Your treatment helped me lots and I noticed the difference within a month.'